Consumer Mobility

We provide clean, safe, noise-free & shared public transportation for first- mile, last-mile and intracity commuters. We have entered into partnership with metro corporations to introduce quality and clean first and last mile connectivity service for metro commuters. The service is provided through zero emission electric three wheelers which are iOT enabled with GPS and they are monitored continuously for safety of the commuters. The smart vehicles can be geo-fenced and remotely disabled in case of any emergency.

The Good Move for Commuters

  • Zero ride refusal to ensure quality service
  • Well-trained drivers that put Safety and passenger first
  • Zero emission vehicle for clean and noise free ride
  • Luxurious vehicle with ample legroom , comfortable seats, high back rest & safety seat belts

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Frequently Asked Questions

ETO Motors Private Limited will be the registered owner.

Yes, all our driver partners are KYC verified.

ETO provides:

  • 24*7 customer care helpline
  • On time pick-up and drop
  • Online vehicle monitoring for security

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